November 18, 2015


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Hey all you slaves out there, you think you’ve got your freedom?
Or are you shackled by an institution – can’t work out the reason?
Shake of your drugs and habits, leave the place where you half-fit
Coffee, coke, Pina colada, just another half-hit.

Slave to a job or to a person like a mouse after cheese your trapped,
So if you think you’ve got control – bullshit your life is mapped
I can drive you all over town before you rumble
Smoking with the cake-man before the evening tumble.

From an innocent start you’ll be tempted to try
Like a fish on a hook you’ll be hung out to dry,
That is the time when the slave meets the master,
But the master’s a monster and that spells disaster.

Escape from enslavement is no easy measure
Freedom from pain means refuse earthly pleasure,
But there’s no gain without pain a lesson from history
Slave, shake off your bondage and seek out your liberty.