October 22, 2015

Saturday Muse

Posted in Poetry/Lyrics tagged , , at 6:32 pm by bizarrerhymes

I just caught the man with the van
Who was driving off when I foiled his plan
I’ve got no milk but I do have apples
I drew a triangle, circle and square
Like I didn’t really care about the chill in the breeze,
Walk the dog and buy sweet peas.

The distant sound of an aircraft propeller,
Drew my attention from that dreamy thought
To the sight of glistening sun on waves
I am in Sopot in reckless gay abandon.

I started the day in a beatbox way
Felt so cocky with my hip-hop rap
But didn’t know where I was going
Like a driver with no gps map
I wanted to go downtown
But only got up the junction
With a flat tyre and no cell phone.

So I just sat and took
A swig of gin
Imagined pulling on a cuban cigar
And thought about my next move.