January 2, 2016

A To Z

Posted in Poetry/Lyrics at 9:54 am by bizarrerhymes

Jumped into my battered car
Turned the key
Looked for solace in my A to Zee
Mist rolling in
Meeting at half-past three
See a man about a dog
But the meeting’s called off
They’re stuck in fog.

My options are limited now
So I swing a right
The clouds part
I get dazzled
Like someone flicked a switch
On some stadium lights,
A thousand watts of power
Is ringing in my ears
Some guy like a roadie
Takes a swig of beer
and pulls a plug in fear.

A huge silence appears
Hits me like my false self
When the real me should stand up
But I just sit –
glass half-empty in my hand.
Got to snap out of it,
I still need to practice my scales,
And walk the dog,
So it’s time to leave downtown
Get away from the lights
Back on the rails.

In the car
Music engaged
Billy Holliday full of emotion
Flashback with its druggy potion
Drive for 30 minutes
End at the begining
Turn the key
Look for answers
In my A to Z.