December 5, 2015


Posted in Poetry/Lyrics at 3:51 pm by bizarrerhymes

Blow the razor to clean it out
Brush back the pomade in my hair
Splash on some Harvard aftershave
Suck in a lungful of air
No words can describe
Why at this time in the morning
I just can’t stop yawning.
Pulling on my trousers
I thought over my mission for the day
And fed the cat to stop it tripping me up.
Yeah I’m stuck between the past
And the future’s constantly at bay,
Hungry but no time for breakfast
Time won’t wait for anyone and I’m late
like the white rabbit in ‘Alice’
On the 1st of May.

Being in the fifth dimension
Using my sizth sense
It’s a day of surprises
Starting with finding an ivy leaf
Then touching the skin of another
Swimming in the joy of being
In the rays of warm sun
Clasping a husky trunk,
Drinking in another lungful of air,
Whilst someone sketches a nude,
I realised that I am here still.
Alive. Not in the soil and
Not in pergatory or another
Place of suspended animation,
Blessed the day and this existence.


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