October 19, 2015

What If?

Posted in Poetry/Lyrics tagged , at 7:33 pm by bizarrerhymes

Some have a yearning for earning
Without the hassle of learning
Spend their days posting
Brand Me self-promoting.

Can’t switch it off – might miss some tricks
See what friends might share
And how they get their get their kicks.

But what if the only light was natural?
And the only sounds acoustic?
What if the only travel was on foot,
Scooter, skateboard or trike?

I’m an unpaid clown not a prophet
Evangelist, visionary, muse,
I can’t speak in tongues
But I know the time comes
When the river and seas turn to songs.

What if the only food was organic?
and the only fruit was from trees?
What if the only mail was paper
carried by pigeon, by horse or by sea?

One second the difference
Twixt calm and calamity,
Hangs by a thread
Which way the dice rolls
Because in your mind
you’ve got the controls.


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