November 30, 2013

It’s Over

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I saw a hover fly this morning
It’s just another day.
No-one says a word to me
It’s just another day.

Now it started raining harder
It’s looking rather grey.
The only way through this
Is keeping out the way.

Drab sad woman shopping
Leaves me feeling low,
Grumpy man with moustache
Prods me cos I’m slow.

It’s just another day.

I listen to Patti Page singing
of sand dunes and salty air
I see a humming bird in my mind
Koniec tego despair.


I See

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Optical pause,
Audible cause,
Fast draws,
Legal flaws,
Society laws,
House of straws,

November 24, 2013


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Two wolves in a pack
Two days in a week,
Alike but worlds apart.

Two parents’ faces
Different sex, same thoughts
Growing closer in looks and likes.

Two bodies one being
To being one body
The same but different.

Two children,
Two schools, two teachers,
Two jewels.

One second

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One second is the difference

Between calm and catastrophe.

November 8, 2013

Is it love?

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I don’t want to do it but I can’t stop myself
Trying not to do it made me look around for help
But when I think of you
I weep inside, want to hide

For the love of God.

Paintings on a dark wall
Warm fire in a small hall
Chords played on a wood guitar

Hard disk crash causes memory lapse
Love in the dawning of a Saturday morning.