August 10, 2010

Titanium Love

Posted in Poetry/Lyrics at 8:48 pm by bizarrerhymes

How did I feel when I married you?
Like a child on the first day of spring
And when we were walking down the isle
like a prince and princess entering.

On that day I gave my word of honour
Stronger than words hewn from rock
I made a titanium promise
It’ll take a million years to break

When my love begins to grow older
and my patience begins to grow thin?
When there are more hungry mouths to feed
But a pay check I haven’t brought in

I remember my special vow to you
The one I swore to never break
And how it pulls at my heart
It will take a million years to break


You made your vow ‘fore God and man
And that means more than all the gold of Solomon
My word’s my bond I’ll sing and shout
It’s stronger than a million other things

More expensive than gold
Stronger than steel
There’s nothing tougher than
My Titanium love


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