August 10, 2010

Cyber Love

Posted in Poetry/Lyrics at 8:52 pm by bizarrerhymes

He’s a dot com baby boomer eco-warrior, net citizen
Eats spam for breakfast, dinner and tea,
Dumb but SMS
Email, worm, squirm
Build up a firewall
Put it out with a water mark.

Sold his spirit for an electrode fix,
Lives a virtual life in a component world
Take digital, hear digital, speak digital
Think digital base 1, 2 binary chop.
Chips without fish, breadcrumbs without schnitzel
Shed years and change sex, gains years
Into tricked encounter, leads to lose life.

Reality is just too much like normality
Simulation gives you more control – build the soul
But alas for the e-child who cannot write
A capital letter or phase a series of lines
Fashioning an object alas is such a thrill.


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